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About The general Contractor


I was born in Detroit and raised in Chatsworth, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. In August of 1990, after many trips to the Sonoran Desert, I was ready and eager to put down roots here in Scottsdale.

From a young age I was heavily exposed to travel, theater, live music, cultural diversity, ethnic cuisine and volunteer work. These early influences would go on to help shape my personality and lead me as an adult to explore many creative pursuits, both personally and professionally.

I’m a big fan of independent films, red wine, Indian cuisine, being outdoors and meeting new people. Travel is one of my great passions and I love to see the world. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to live in Israel and Europe for two years and I’ve had amazing backpacking adventures in Canada, Mexico and Central America.

As an unfailing optimist and strong believer in giving back to my community, I regularly use my own unique talents to help those in need. As an avid equine enthusiast and accomplished rider, I volunteer for a local organization called Horses Help which provides therapeutic horseback riding to children with special needs.

Although I’m a man of many diverse hobbies and pursuits, my greatest passion of all is what I do for a living. I love the fact that after 23 years in the industry, each new client still brings new challenges and allows the creative process to continue. I thrive on the adrenalin rush I get, not just during the creative process but throughout each project, from concept to completion. I continue to love my industry more and more with each passing year.